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I’m sure he hates my warm vagina wrapped around his dick.” This again, caused a lot more backlash and hate for Whitney, but this is what she wanted, she wanted a bigger name for herself and in the process she gained a lot more followers and fans.After all the backlash, name calling and hate that Whitney received from her original videos, that did not stop her in the slightest.She made categories for the dogs such as “little fuckers” and “best lickers” The movie, titled “has unfortunately been removed from You Tube, however you can still find Whitney Wisconsin dog porn videos floating around the internet Of course when these types of videos started circulating the internet and picking up a lot of interaction, there were obviously a lot of people unhappy with what she was doing with animals, to which they shown their anger in the comments of the video.

My dog must be in real pain having to fuck my pussy.She is seen here posting on her Snapchat account, which clearly shows her humping her dog and getting up close and personal with it, claiming “ A few months after her Whitney’s dog fetish started, she released yet another movie (which has since been removed by You Tube) titled “10 More Reasons Why Girls Should Have Sex With Their Dog”.We have been unable to find a re-upload of this video as it has been taken down from You Tube, but be sure to keep checking back as we keep our eye out and will post it as soon as we find it.Whitney has taken her fetish a little further this time.She is seen below in a number of photoshoots wearing what seems to be some kind of ““. Whitney Wisconsin nudes is something that we can all find on the internet, and potentially enjoy viewing.

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This was a big turning point for Whitney, in which she lost a lot of followers in the process, however, she gained a lot of new followers as well.

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