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The best way for him to continue serving God, he added, was to stay in office.

(A fellow state legislator quipped, “Whatever phone number he's using to talk to God, I want it.”) On August 10, State Senator Ernie Chambers of Omaha—a legendary figure in local politics and the only black legislator in Nebraska—decided to up the pressure. Kintner is a member of the body in January [2017]," he wrote, "I plan to use him and his illegal, scandalous, vulgar behavior as source material for rhymes throughout the 90-day Session.

Many legislators—along with the governor—called for him to resign, but Kintner refused, saying he had already apologized to his wife and to God.

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“Make me pleasure.” That Facebook message was directed at Bill Kintner, a 55-year-old Nebraska state senator, while the politician was in Boston for a conference last July. Within minutes, [Diedeort] threatens to post the video on You Tube and share it with [Kintner's] Facebook friends if he doesn't wire ,500 to an account in the Ivory Coast, which she claimed was for a deaf child.

Be prepared for the pun, the double entendre, and other verbal techniques to 'keep the issue alive.'" Chambers then offered up a free sample: reported on August 19, however, this would require a special session that could cost more than ,000 in a state where legislators make just ,000 a year.

Kintner argued that this would be a waste of money, “especially at a time when our state is facing current and projected tax receipt shortfalls.” On September 6, Chambers released another "Kintner-gram" that got weirdly personal about the whole mess. " "If so, take your pants off," coos she, "show me you're a man of steel." (She's his Wonder Woman, with her super powers, hot and stacked; Could it be Clark Kintner sought from her the OOMPH! ) (Chambers did respond in an October 8 op-ed, which concluded: "I shall remain as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar in my quest to remove the 'Kintner blight' from the Legislature by my choice of means.

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Still, the sordid story stayed under wraps until this summer, when the investigation finally concluded.