Dallas and starr still dating

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Dallas and starr still dating

While they were not more physical than their competition, nor more intelligent, they made up for it by being extremely efficient in everything they did.

They were always the first out of the airport, and got through everything as quickly as possible without stopping to talk things out or argue.

In fact, their inability to Read The Freaking Clue was only slightly more infamous than their sour attitudes, which caused them to get on the nerves of the other teams.

They broke the record for leg wins in a single season (set by Colin & Christie and unofficially tied by Eric & Jeremy), were the first team to win four straight legs (albeit by using a Fast Forward for one of the leg wins), and were the first family team to win the Race, as well as the youngest (not counting the Family Edition, which most people don't).

They were so bad, they were easily the most entertaining part of an otherwise dull season.

They were bad at the mental game, they were bad at the physical game, they were so bad they screwed up , yet somehow made it all the way to the Final 3 due to other teams making mistakes more fatal than theirs (e.g.

However, in the third leg they broke the first rule of , as they jumped in a cab to take them to the Detour when they were supposed to walk.

They were far enough ahead that they might have survived this, except that Mark struggled with the wrestling Roadblock, finding it hard to breathe in the high altitude, dropping them to 8th place.

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