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Danger love ray j dating

The Insider asked if Ray J knew if Houston was past her demons and he declined to comment. Ray-J has been noticeably shaken since Houston's death. Brandy's birthday just so happened to fall on the day of Houston's passing. When asked how Whitney Houston was doing, Ray J said, [She's] great. But you will have to ask her, because she could tell you better than me. As the world knows, Whitey Houston died the afternoon before the 2012 Grammy Awards inside the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where she was expected to attend Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party Saturday night. He made demands of the hotel's frazzled employees and quieted his friends with expletives, according to The L. Ray J rushed to his sister Brandy's side after news of Houston's death.On every reality dating show, the booze is free and plentiful; and because most people don’t have a seemingly endless supply of alcohol at home, walking into a reality dating show mansion is like stepping into a sexier version of Willy Wonka’s factory — where everlasting gobstoppers have been replaced with bottomless drinks.

No one is going on a televised dating show without some sort of ulterior motive.Also, it’s not, you know, the healthiest course of action.When you’re one of the 20-plus people competing for the affection of one dude/lady, you have to make sure that your face is constantly visible and recognizable.There is no honor among dating show roomies, and your real intentions while undoubtedly be whispered into the ear of Flavor Flav, Bret Michaels, the Bachelorette, etc.Challenges on reality dating shows are the modern, real world equivalent of chivalric ordeals.

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You know they blow this thing out of proportion, he said, referencing the rumors in the press regarding the two rekindling their relationship in recent weeks. I've known her for years and years and years; and she's a friend of the family. In the book he describes his relationship with KK, who is presumably Kim Kardashian, though he does not mention any specific names. He was at the hotel with three companions, who tried to console him over the sudden passing of his former girlfriend, reported The L. Ray-J sat next to his sister, dressed in a hooded sweatshirt and sunglasses, and kept his head down most of the night.

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