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Their findings, published in the , drew on four different experiments and various means of measuring creativity, to investigate how being involved romantically with a person from a foreign culture over an extended period of time can, according to the study, “help people ‘go out’ of the box and into a creative frame of mind.”In the first experiment, researchers tracked 115 students enrolled in a 10-month international MBA program.At the beginning and the end of the program, participants were asked to take a creativity test with three different tasks used for measuring convergent and divergent thinking, assets that are widely associated with creativity.At the end of the program, participants were asked, “Did you date anyone from a culture other than your own while at the program? Researchers found, across all of the creativity measures, “participants who dated individuals from other cultures exhibited superior creative performance” at the end of the MBA program.The second experiment sought to find a causal link between creativity and intercultural relationships by asking participants to reflect on their past dating experiences.And instead of punches, both fighters exchanged presents this time.The friendship between the two as well as the relationship with Hein's sister are lasting to this day.The most important predictor of creative thinking, he explained, was the depth of their experience abroad.

The sport of MMA has written so many unbelievable stories, but you sure have never heard one like this: Roughly a year ago, UFC lightweights Drew Dober and Nick Hein fought a gritty three-round war inside the Octagon at UFC Fight Night: Munoz vs. Today, they consider each other family, as Dober is in a committed relationship with Hein's sister Gloria.In seeking out a romantic partner, we often hope to find love, companionship, intimacy, and support.But what if your significant other could also inspire your artistic practice?"I love love, man."Jake Gyllenhaal said this in an interview with Howard Stern back in 2015, and when you look at his dating history over the years, it's pretty easy to confirm that the Hollywood star does, in fact, love love.He's been in several high-profile relationships—some serious, some not-so-serious—but has always remained fiercely private when it comes to his personal life.

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They worked with 128 participants who had all been in relationships both with people from their home country (the United States) and a foreign country.

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