Dating a childless man

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Dating a childless man

A year later he is the lie love of my life , fairly sure he feels the same and it turns out he can't have children and never had a desire to have his own anyway .He is good with mine but primarily focusing on us .I tend to give the benefit of the doubt but do wonder how they have stayed single and childless for so long and if it often (not always) means there's some major personality flaws or issues. I think it's silly to make broad assumptions before knowing anyone's actual circumstances.I know several very nice men who were in long term relationships/married but either they or their partners has fertility issues. I also know other men, kind, decent, etc, who don't want kids. Conversely, I have dated plenty of dysfunctional divorced men with kids who have had huge issues and have been an absolute nightmare, as have their ex wives.And obviously no kids could be for all sorts of reasons.I know a couple of very eligible bachelors in their early 40s counterpoint can you send them my way!He's not a mummy's boy but he has a great family . the last one of 4 years he was engaged to and she had an affair and really hurt him . I truly hope this works for us and feel so lucky I've met such a beautiful guy .....

Six years later we are engaged, a first time marriage for both of us.

I know a couple of very eligible bachelors in their early 40s who had long term relationships with career women that didn't want to settle down. Like me my 40 something fiancé has never been married or had kids, luckily I wasn’t so closed minded to think there must be something wrong with him, as like me, he never met anyone he loved enough to want to marry and like me he never had kids as didnt want them. No marriage, no kids, no LTRs = red flag (IMO)But if they have had LTR(s), then I dont think being unmarried is an issue.

The eligible men also spent too long building up their own careers or businesses and never had the time to develop strong relationships that led to family. Especially as in the absence of kids there is less of an incentive for him and his previous partners to get married.

I'm 47 and 4 years out of a 27 year relationship .

My dp of 12 months is 42, never married and no dc . I pushed him away a lot to start with as I just wouldn't entertain dating a younger childless man .

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He's realistic about the future and the fact that an older possibly less sweet little girl might one day be a little more challenging .

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