Dating a giant

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Dating a giant

The information we do have about the hill figure includes its size and the technique used to make it.

The Cerne Abbas Giant measures 55 meters (180 ft) long and 51 meters (167 ft) wide and was created by having shallow trenches cut in the turf, and then backfilling them with chalk rubble.

Apart from this information, details such as the figure’s age, as well as its identity, have been, and still remain, a subject of debate.Today, the Cerne Abbas Giant is a scheduled monument of England, and owned by the National Trust.In 2008, wardens from the National Trust, along with volunteers, restored the giant, as erosion and the growth of algae, lichen, and weeds on the giant’s outline over the years has caused the figure to fade.Access to the Cerne Abbas Giant itself is now restricted, to reduce future damage and erosion.Couples hoping to improve their fertility by sleeping on the giant have to go somewhere else.

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According to a report from 2010, the women of North Dorset have three children each, on average, which is nearly double the national average.