Dating a guild guitar online dating divorcees

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Dating a guild guitar

CITES (Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species) is a global organization that maintains the health of our plant’s species and ecosystems by regulating international trade of wildlife (both flora and fauna).As of January 2017, CITES determined that rosewood will be protected, requiring new certification for any product that contains rosewood.Two other highly reliable resources for dating Guild instruments are The Guild Guitar Book and Gruhn’s Guide to Vintage Guitars, both of which are excellent references that often prove helpful with questions regarding dating, specifications and historical context of many Guild instruments.

Visually, pau ferro tends to be lighter in color than traditional rosewood though it may be stained to appear like rosewood.

We came up with this handy dandy naming chart, taking Guild’s historical & flagship models into consideration.

Though there will always be exceptions to the rule, we plan to follow these general guidelines.

On this page we try to help as much as possible to add some resources to help that search become as prosperous as possible.

Most of this info was from the company websites so it should be accurate. We've included pages on some of the most popular brands with info on serial number identification.

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To learn more about guitar tonewoods, check out this informative article from Pau ferro is a South American tonewood that has been used in guitar making for many years.

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