Dating a law student Bi sex chat

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Dating a law student

And lawyers are the evolved form of Law Students (who also are never poorly-dressed except maybe during exams but those don’t count). Too pre-occupied to be clinging to your very existence and suffocate you with their love. Law students have a million things going on and will be pre-occupied with that.It might be a good idea to start keeping a list of all the strange things you hear, as they won’t be impressed if they have to take time out of their busy schedules to explain to you what the hell they’re talking about The type where they are lying on the floor, sobbing that they’re going to give up law to become a gardener because “nothing makes sense.” Do not, under any circumstances, suggest that you might be able to help, particularly if your knowledge of the law is derived entirely from watching ‘Suits.’ You will have a textbook launched at your head.Don’t let the caffeine run out With the thousands of cases a law student insists they must study, they often find themselves working through to the early hours of the morning.If you do you will be held solely and entirely responsible for screwing up the syllabus for the rest of their degree.“Networking events” are not what you think “Networking” is a secret term used by lawyers to describe the process whereby wealthy employers throw unlimited alcoholic beverages and canapes at law students, then chat about things that you probably won’t understand.

However, the life of the law student is not all champagne and snappy suits – there are a number of things you’ll need to be aware of before you decide to date one of us.

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