Dating a nice guy no chemistry Horny chat rooms free no email

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Dating a nice guy no chemistry

I need advice on whether/how to tell a guy that I'm not attracted to him.In general, in life, it usually takes me meeting someone a few times before I know whether I'm attracted to them; it's very rare that this hits me right away.I've been dating for over two yrs since my last immature ex bf and it has been so discouraging and depressing.I really just want to meet a nice, normal man who I feel something for and he feels something for me and I was hoping for that chemistry or spark...Nice guys are just so few and far between that I'm going to give this a decent try.I can't help really wishing I had that excited chemistry feeling, but on another hand, I don't know whether I should even trust chemistry anymore because the men I feel high chemistry with, end up being moronic.

During our date, he didn't focus on me much at all which I wasn't used to on a date before.If nothing else, I end up knowing a great person and have a genuine new friend. I'm a single straight woman, and I'm meeting guys via online dating sites.I've heard endless chemistry vs getting to know someone arguments. Some women give a guy 10 minutes and bail if their panties aren't wet, and some wait months before realizing they are a bad match. He kept looking around the restaurant at everything going on as if he has terrible ADD, but he was still able to make conversation.His voice also bothered me a bit, I can't explain why but something about his voice...I wasn't too sure if his mannerisms were attractive to me either. I thought you were going to write that you met a guy, you had really great conversations and it was hard to leave the date, but because he didn't go in for the kiss or wasn't your usual physical type, you wondered if you should date him a few more times to see what develops.

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But, when all said and done, if there's no chemistry there's no chemistry.