Dating a seth thomas clock

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Dating a seth thomas clock

Chauncey Jerome began his career in clockmaking under Eli Terry.

By 1822, Jerome and his brother, Noble, had their own shop making a mass-produced wooden movement 30-hour and 8-day clocks.

With this development, the wooden clock movement was obsolete overnight, and for the first time dependable and inexpensive clocks were available to the masses. In April 1845 the Bristol factory burned, and the company relocated to New Haven.

By the mid 1850's Jerome had lost his company and his factories were taken over by the newly formed New Haven Clock Company in 1853.

It reads "Patent Brass Clocks Made and Sold By Chauncey Jerome Bristol, Conn.

Warranted Good." The label was printed by Elihu Greer. The label describes Greer as an "Ornamental Printer" in the left corners, and as a "Book & Job Printer" in the right corners.

Clock counts the hours on a coil gong, and sound a single note on a bell at the half.

the number 2 model was produced, with very few changes, until 1950 and thus is probably the longest produced single model in clock manufacturing history.

The case has had a coating of reddish-brown varnish applied very sloppy.

A few pieces of veneer are missing, but nothing major. You can see a bull's-eye or bubble in the lower right corner of the tablet.

More details can be seen looking at US patents 1,837,462 and 1,883,387.

In addition to the photos below, I have made a movie that demonstrates the operation of this clock's unique chiming and striking mechanism. Seth Thomas 8-day Ogee Clock circa 1865-1868 A very fine clock with nice veneer.

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A website on Jerome clocks identifies the movement as a type 1.211.