Dating a smoker Sex bot chat with avatar

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Dating a smoker

A year or so after they broke up, we ran into each other at a bar one night and hit it off.

We hooked up that night and over the next few weeks flirted off and on. I was coming from a long meeting and hadn't had a cigarette all day, so on my way to pick her up, I stopped by a gas station by her house and bought a pack.

After she got in the car, I asked if she minded if I smoked.

She insisted that she didn't at all, so I lit up.

This happened again several times whenever we hung out together, even though she never smoked except for once or twice.

I'd pull out a cigarette, and she'd eagerly light it for me.

I had a couple of cigarettes during that time; she never indicated it was an issue.

My friend, however, was a heavy smoker -- smoked much more than I did (or do today) -- and he lived in a "smoke friendly" house.

So she was constantly around it, but any time I was hanging around them, she never once made it an issue.

Now, the good ones: One girl I dated was a non-smoker, or "ex smoker." She knew I smoked before we started dating, but insisted she didn't mind.

She was telling the truth, too, because she never once made it an issue.

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It rarely was an issue but if we ever got into an unrelated argument, she'd usually try to sneak it in there as a "problem," in our relationship, even though she knew she was only using it as a red herring of sorts.