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He certainly owes PM a big gratitude, among so many things that PM had done for him.

As is a cliche' in showbiz, "No such thing as a free lunch." Oh well.. Such is a possibility considering the profile of RA's past relationships.

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If all people can master this, imagine how much better this world would be.

Jede Menge Möglichkeiten also, Singles zum Anknüpfen einzuladen.

Alles, was Sie tun müssen: Sie registrieren sich und schicken uns die Kopie eines Lichtbildausweises.

Allegations that HA was courting her simultaneously with another actress AA, and other girls, which TP dismissed in the beginning.

Apparently, TP was so mad at HA after she was shown his photos that confirmed her suspicion all along.

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The photos ignited the fire and her bottled up emotions.