Dating and time to leave

Posted by / 22-Sep-2020 05:23

While the decision to leave or not will undoubtedly be emotional, keep in mind that decisions made in anger are rarely wise ones.

If things seem unbearable, consider setting a timetable for change.

Wish them the best, but say that you need to make a clean break for your own sake.

Say goodbye and leave without regrets, or excessive drama.

Research shows that keeping a journal, in which you express your feelings about your breakup, may help turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one.

You may find that, despite depression, the relationship is worth saving.

People who are depressed may say or do things they normally wouldn’t. Ultimately, you may find that you simply cannot continue living/dealing with a depressed person.

Their illness may cause them to lash out at others. If you feel they’re dragging you down too, it may be time to consider distancing yourself.

Otherwise you may be consumed by guilt or self-doubt, wondering if you did all you could do for your partner — and your relationship.

You are not the cause of your partner’s depression.

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Sometimes there’s nothing more you can do but say goodbye — for the sake of your own mental health.

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