Dating antique brass candlesticks

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Dating antique brass candlesticks

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When you have removed all encrustations, finishes and debris, you can distinguish brass from copper by the yellow (rather than pink) color tones.

Brass will turn pink when tested with hydrochloric acid and will come to resemble pure copper as acid removes the zinc.

Because this is a corrosive test, use the acid sparingly and only on a small area of the metal.

So if someone is attempting to sell you a brass candleholder with a story that it was crafted in this country in the early 1700s, you should be wary and have the item carefully checked out. producers of blown-glass candlesticks in the mid-18th Century, mostly in Eastern Seaboard cities such as Philadelphia.

There is an exception to the identification problem, however, and it involves the production of glass candlesticks. This would be your guide to determining approximate production dates.

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Question: We have an extensive collection of American candlesticks that must date back more than a few generations. Answer: Candlesticks are a popular, but sometimes an expensive, collectible.