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I have also acquired the inventory of many other collectors over the years.

I am now making these parts available to the general public and to the many Coleman collectors who are looking for these hard to find parts.

I have been an avid Coleman collector for over 15 years.

During this time I have accumulated lots of hard to find parts.

Safety Tip: Coleman fuel is very volatile and fuel leaks can lead to a fire outside of the burner, which can be very dangerous.

When repairs are complete and you've refilled the tank and pumped up the pressure, tighten the plunger clockwise before use. Too much pressure on the valve at the end of the stem will damage it and cause it to leak pressure and fuel.

For help with a variety of technical topics related to repairing and maintaining your Coleman products look in our Tech Help sections.

We also have a list of Parts Diagrams to help you identify that special part you need.

To help you get the most from your Coleman Gear, we have compiled some Coleman resources to help you out.

For a list of all of our parts sorted by SKU, please look at our Parts List.

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Older model stoves use leather cups and newer stoves use black neoprene. The simplest solution is to lubricate the plunger cup without taking it apart.

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