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Dating death time

Make sure that you have asked your family members whether or not they are aware of any old Bibles that are still in the family.

When you find information in actual Bibles, check the publication date of the Bible.

Make sure to check photo albums, scrapbooks, diaries, and family Bibles at home. An individual's death certificate is the best place to look for a death date, because it is a primary source for that information.

See the topic Finding information at home for more information. Death certificates are available from either the county or the state where the death took place, depending on the year of the death.

Finding the minimum information for church records To find an individual's death date in church death records, you must at least know the individual's name, and either the name of the church where the ceremony was performed or the name of the clergyman that appears in the church death records.

Get help finding the minimum information for: If you can find out the denomination of your ancestor's religion, you can try contacting all of the churches of that denomination in the area where you believe your ancestor lived.

Once you have located the current owners, you can request to search the appropriate copies. You can access the OCLC at most university libraries and some community libraries.Get help finding some of the minimum information by selecting one of the following items: Even if you don't have the minimum information required to find the original records, you're not completely out of luck.Indexes to vital records, including death records, have been made for some states and counties.The books listed below can help you locate your ancestors' church records by telling you who currently has the records belonging to your ancestors" church.You can find these books in a public or genealogical library.

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