Dating direct ivillage

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These are good opportunities to give it a through think and to ourselves what we think is most important in our life, and why we are doing what we are doing.

Yet it can come handy if asked this at a job interview; if your passion is not your job, you may not want to give it excessive importance. Most people agree a passion must be something that transcends common everyday desires, such as sleeping, eating, drinking or sex. We may still feel the urge of wondering further: what deserves most of my free time and energy?

Generally, interviewers or recruiters ask this question wanting to inspect your personality or figure out your passion towards life, then your passion on work.

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Then consider this: What would you do if you suddenly won a vast amount of money?

Would you like to paint, maybe sing, would you travel the world?

A passion has been described as an activity that makes someone feel they belong to themselves. Some argue time and energy is true human wealth instead of financial assets.

Yet, you might be blocked by other activities or even people that prevent you from dwelling into your passion.

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Present the Outcome: This might be the most important component of the question posed. Now that What I like most in life is being with people and enjoying in company.