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Dating female muscle women

She is making gym-goers everywhere look like weaklings. Nataliya was always an athletic child and enjoyed combat sports even at a very young age.

At the time she was only fourteen, she weighed 88 lbs.

Not only is she humungous, she is able to deadlift 529 lbs and bench press 374 lbs. Nataliya spoke about her quick success in powerlifting, “Just a few months after I started exercising, I performed at regional competitions and I liked it very much. The 26-year-old has dedicated her life to this sport.

I became an absolute champion of Zabaikayle Region when I was sixteen. She is constantly competing in championships and always aiming to get better and better.

The 26-year-old weighs over 220 lbs, mostly in muscle.

There is no funding, all trips to the Championships are conducted only at my expense.” She continued, “All the money I have spent on travel and training this year…

now I have no money and credit card debt.” Desperately wanting to make money, she even posted on her Facebook page that she would Skype with fans for a minute.

It is surprising that even an accomplished, world champion athlete like Nataliya can get hurt by the haters out there.

Due to her extremely rare physique, the young powerlifter has managed to go viral. For the bodybuilder, training at the gym is a huge passion of hers and she doesn’t really care about being famous.

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