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Dating for healthcare workers

10-20 percent of businesses misclassify at least one worker as an independent contractor.() Identity theft has spawned a costly offshoot: medical identity theft.This was proven by a five-year public-outreach campaign by a state anti-fraud agency in Pennsylvania.The social-market campaign centered around eight statewide TV and radio consumer spots working to encourage consumer attitude and behavior changes.Bodily injury claims Staged-crash rings fleece auto insurers out of billions of dollars a year by billing for unneeded treatment of phantom injuries.Usually these are bogus soft-tissue injuries such as sore backs or whiplash, which are difficult to medically identify and dispute.Thieves steal a consumer’s personal information to lodge fraudulent claims against the victim’s health policy. Medical thieves can heist your health-insurance number, Social Security number and other personal information.

Contractor schemes can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in uninsured bills.Among the ruses: registering vehicles in states where premiums are lower; lowballing stated mileage; and saying a commercial vehicle is used mainly for personal use. However, broader national arson figures provide some context for examining the trend of illegally burning homes and businesses for insurance payouts.In general, for example, fires and arsons have declined in recent years. ) Unreported arsons Tens of thousands of arsons may go unreported annually. Some unreported insurance fires also may have killed or injured the arsonists, innocent bystanders or fire fighters. No single national agency gathers omnibus fraud statistics.Insurance fraud data thus are relatively piecemeal, making our understanding of insurance fraud an ongoing work in progress.

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Overall, this crime gives employers an unfair advantage over competitors.

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