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The thick forest cover and the creek attract a lot of wildlife to this area.Another trail that is close to the town of Banff is the Vermillion Lakes trail.It will be easier, albeit there is nothing easy about this trail.The top will give you one of the most rewarding views: Lake Agnes and Lake Louise divided by the Big Beehive. If you’re like me and hike with a good camera, this place is literally a wonderland, so take your photo gears with you.The lake I mentioned is the legendary Lake Louise and trust me when I say that hiking along the Lake Louise for about 2 km (0.8mi) will blow your mind.This is a more challenging hike regarding conditioning.

If you’re on a tight budget, you might consider camping in Banff.Since this trail is fairly easy to climb and so close to the town, it’s usually very crowded.Locals also use this trail often for dog walking and fitness.When you reach the top, you will see peaceful views of the rocky mountain range all around you.The Bow Valley with the Bow river snaking through it and the Town of Banff are also clearly visible below.

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The park is also known for some of the most beautiful and vividly colored lakes in North America.

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