Dating in london vs new york

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Dating in london vs new york

The sense of humor is totally different; London is sardonic and sarcastic, New York is more about quick wits and smart quips.

The 24/7-ness of New York still feels very specific to this city.

I also miss walking streets I know like the back of my hand and seeing places that have sentimental history for me.

Any expat will tell you there’s no way to describe or replace the comfort of being on home soil.

When I boarded a plane from New York to London to study abroad during my junior year of college, I anticipated a challenging transition.

The cities seemed so different in my head, from the public transportation to the food.

It’s a fabulous adult playground, but the cost of living and the overall lifestyle can be difficult to hack if you’re a creative kid without a trust fund (i.e., me! A.’s driving culture and much more laid-back lifestyle was tough at times. A.’s sense of isolation that gave me the idea to create The WW Club, so every cloud has a silver lining.

I started visiting New York when I was 17 and always knew I’d live here one day…but I actually moved to L. I wanted to give myself a bit of financial breathing room to continue my work as a writer, and also to figure out my next career steps. More crucially, I had started The WW Club — a community and resource for working women — while I was in L.And I was right that they had many distinctive traits, which I grew to appreciate, but over time I became acquainted with their similarities, as well.There was one in particular that really stood out to me: a palpable enthusiasm for style and its many modes of self-expression.I think it’s just that — its inexhaustible nature — that makes New York both exhausting and totally invigorating, depending on what stage of life you’re in.I’m not sure if I’ll live here forever, but I’m definitely not tired of it yet. I first came to New York in 2013 to do a yearlong internship at a small design agency. I had been back in London for a year and a half after graduating from university and I was feeling stuck in a rut, career-wise. I had absolutely no commitments at the time: I wasn’t married to my job, wasn’t in a relationship, was living at home, so it felt like a no-brainer to go off and spend a year having a New York experience.

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It kinda goes without saying that British weather isn’t the best, so I can live without that.