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Question: Can you give me any tips on how to find opportunities to sail from Southern California to Hawaii?A few years ago, I sailed from the Caribbean to Portugal on a small sailboat. There was just the captain, myself and one other crewman.One recent email from a Crewbay user said, “I am now on a 42-foot sailboat because of your site, and my life is way much better and I’m way happier now.”Another way to get your foot in the door may be offshore racing, said Andy Turpin, managing editor of Latitude 38, a Northern California sailing publication he described as a “regional magazine that has outgrown its regionality.” It too offers avenues to catching on with a crew, but Turpin also suggests that more experienced sailors might be able to find work with racers in the Pacific Cup, from San Francisco to Oahu; the Trans Pacific Yacht Race, from Los Angeles to Oahu; or the Vic-Maui Yacht Race, from Victoria, Canada, to the 727-square-mile isle.Turpin suggested attending prerace events and displaying an enthusiasm and a willingness to work hard. As with any matchmaking, whether in person or online, and whether it’s romantic love or the romance of the seas, always proceed with caution.You’ll find such sites as Find ACrew ( whose website says it “matches and connects boat owners and representatives directly online with crew from anywhere to anywhere in the world”; Cruisers, which offers, besides its matchmaking service, encyclopedic information about boats and the business of boats; and, a site that was born so Ollie Wells, its founder, could share his love of sailing and help link those in need of jobs with those who have them.Wells gave me a look inside this world, foreign to me but a kind of home to him.Aspect of completing your profile page is actually to choose your “Intermediator Preferences” & rdquo; in relation to the form of person you would love to satisfy.As soon as your have actually selected your choices, our automated intermediator will certainly highly recommend participants based upon these desires.

He worked on super yachts in the south of France, he said, where he spent a lot of time “polishing the boat in the sun all day, which gets pretty boring.”These experiences led to the creation of Crewbay while Wells was still at university, where he was studying graphic design.Please try again later, or return to the home page and start again.If the problem persists, please contact our Technical Support team for assistance.You won’t get tossed around in a storm — at least, not the way you would on a yacht that’s dwarfed by today’s behemoth cruise ships. But there’s little adventure on board those behemoths, which is OK unless you harbor a fantasy about running away to sea.

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You will certainly likewise manage to see various other participants’ & rsquo; tastes and also how they match up to your solutions.