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So in addition to a 4-year degree, they have education in their specific field.

One way to learn more about a therapist or clinical counselor is to look at the letters that come after their name.

Social workers can help people live healthier, more productive lives.

Clinical social workers focus on diagnosing and treating mental health issues.

“I would define a deal-breaker as one or both people in a relationship reaching the point of no return,” says relationship counselor Rachel Sussman, LCSW.

“Some deal-breakers I see [in my practice] are infidelity, relapse to drugs, alcohol, or other addiction once the person has gotten sober.

Those who need medication should see a psychiatrist.

The problem comes when people incorrectly label preferences as deal-breakers, says sex and relationship expert Logan Levkoff, Ph D.

But with so many options to choose from, this simple task can feel complicated. They're called "primary" care providers for a reason.

Unless it's an emergency, go to your child's pediatrician or your family doctor first for mental and physical concerns. When they don't, your family doctor or pediatrician can help you find the right mental health specialist.

They're called mental health nurse practitioners or psychiatric nurse practitioners.

These titles sound similar, but they have an important difference.

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A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (MD) who can do everything a psychologist can, plus prescribe medicine.

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