Dating my sister

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Dating my sister

your friend's sister because you're into each other, that's acceptable in my eyes.If you just want to bang your friend's sister... I would not have an issue with my friends just sleeping with my sister if that is what they are both into. I don't feel the need to protect my sister's "purity" or any of that type of shit.Until my dad married my step mom it was just the two of us. When I was about nine we played "I'll show you mine if you show me yours".I didn't have any siblings until they got married when I got a step sister. At first it was a little strange simply because I had never had a sibling before but soon we were like best friends. I don't remember how it came up but we both were very curious about the opposite sex.It was always church on Sundays, school till Saturday, mandatory sports and clubs involvement, mandatory foreign language classes. I participated in SGA, Latin Club, and Debate She in Orchestra (which was a club at our school, not a class) and Chinese Club I mention all this to sort of give context.Everyone thought of us as the over achieving, innocent ones.

She asked what was going on and I tried to answer but she knew what it was before even asking.Occasionally we'll watch each other with our misters/mistresses.We've talked a lot about where our relationship is going and we both agree that we're comfortable with what we have together and that we love each other more than typical familial closeness.We eventually went to another country for school where noone knew us and my sister introduced me as her girlfriend and I knew I felt the same way. We've both introduced each other to strangers as the other's girlfriend and we go on date nights every week. We've told two people in our current country and one thought we were weird but that we were entitled to our kinks, the other wanted to watch us have sex (we obliged on the condition we could watch him and his bf have sex)We do occasionally have other partners, but it's rare we have sex without the other and the mistresses and misters must be otherwise single.Our only rule is the other knows the who and when if we're having sex alone.

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