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Dating night owl

Evening types were also more closely linked to infidelity; to take the bird analogy way too far: it seems owls, and not larks, breed cuckolds.As for why night owls might close more romantic deals, the researchers wonder if “a high activity during evening and night may honestly signal a better performance in sexual activity because most sexual activity in humans takes place around bed time.” That’s a dubious conclusion, though we’d love to see catch on at the bar.In a delightful study, a research team that included a representative of the San Francisco Giants issued a morningness-eveningness questionnaire to 16 Major League Baseball players—nine owls, seven larks.The study group then paired this chronotype information with game statistics from nearly 7,500 innings during the 20 seasons.Night owls outperformed morning larks on most of the intelligence measures—with significant differences on working memory and processing speed.Especially interesting was that the finding seemed to hold up even when the cognitive tests were taken in the morning.“The results indicate that, contrary to conventional folk wisdom, evening-types are more likely to have higher intelligence scores,” Roberts and Kyllonen reported in a 1999 issue of Evening types weren’t just good at scoring on intelligence tests.It’s worth noting owls suffered more than larks when game-time conflicted with chronotype: morning players hit eight points lower in night games (.259), but evening players hit 54 points lower in day games (.252).

And do you ever fall asleep while watching a movie?

While both morning and evening types got busy equally often, the night guys reported more total partners.

This held true even when Randler and company controlled for age, extraversion, and a tendency to stay out later.

“Larks” are up and at it early in the morning, and tend to hit the sack at a respectable evening hour; “owls” are most alert at night, and typically turn in long after dark.

These labels are less an either-or than a spectrum; chronotype can shift over a person’s lifetime, and recent work suggests adding two more subsets to the list: early to wake and late to bed, and late to wake but early bed.

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She'll get home in the morning, climb into bed around 9am and then wake up in the afternoon.