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IANA allocates AS Numbers to Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). NET, US AS10654 CONNECTIONS-COMMUNICATIONS - Connections Communications Sources Corp, US AS10655 BUREAU-NAT-AFF - BUREAU OF NATIONAL AFFAIRS, INC., US AS10656 ECOL - Eau Claire Press Company, US AS10657 GIANTSTEP - Giant Step, US AS10658 GEEKLAB - Kollektive lucid ephemeric kaptive syndrome socitey, US AS10659 SEQUENT-CS2 - IBM, US AS10660 SYSNET-AS - SYSNET Communications, US AS10662 NORFOLK-SOUTHERN - Norfolk Southern Corporation, US AS10663 DISCOVERNET-ASN1 - Discover Net, Incorporated, US AS10664 CP-INTERNET - CP Internet, US AS10665 SKYNET - Sky NET Corporation, US AS10666 ALLERGAN - Allergan, Inc., US AS10667 FSIWEBS-NET1-AS - Fidelity National Information Services, Inc., US AS10668 LEE-ASN - Lee Enterprises, Inc., US AS10669 JOBTRAK-AS - Jobtrak Corp., US AS10670 COMPANHIA DE TECNOLOGIA DA INFORMAO ESTADO MG, BR AS10671 Comision Nacional de Actividades Espaciales, AR AS10672 REDSTORM - Red Storm Entertainment, US AS10673 AFFINI - Affinity Internet, Inc, US AS10674 GRUCOM - Gainesville Regional Utilities, US AS10675 VIET-MY - Viet-My, US AS10676 GLOBALEC - IBM, US AS10677 OMNCS - OMNCS, US AS10678 TRENDS-NET -, CA AS10679 INET-SVCS-AS - Inter Network Services, US AS10680 IU-RESEARCH - Indiana University, US AS10681 AOL-DTC1 - Oath Holdings Inc., US AS10682 VISION21ASN - Vision Twenty-One, US AS10683 CRUZIO - Cruizo, Inc., US AS10684 EMPIRENET - Empire Net, US AS10685 ASA5COM - A5.The RIRs further allocate or assign AS Numbers to network operators in line with RIR policies. COM, US AS10686 MYXA-ASN - Myxa Corporation, US AS10687 DISTRIBUTEL-AS10687 - DISTRIBUTEL COMMUNICATIONS LTD., CA AS10688 ISM AUTOMACAO S. V., MX AS10707 MAGIBOXINC - Magibox, Inc., US AS10708 SELECTNET-AS - Select Net Internet Services, US AS10709 NETUSA-AS - Net USA, US AS10710 USCATL - Ikon/USConnect Atlanta, US AS10711 RCONNECT - Rural Connections, US AS10712 ISTRADA - Strada Internet Services, Inc., US AS10713 GIGAN-3 - Insync Internet Services, Inc., US AS10714 RIGROUP - The Rock Island Group, US AS10715 Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, BR AS10716 OIS - OPTIMAL INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS, US AS10717 SCHOLASTIC - Scholastic Inc., US AS10718 CONSECO - Conseco Companies, US AS10719 VRIS-10719-10720 - MCI Communications Services, Inc. 2007-07-03 267 on bz/base/view/document/e-gold-ex . 2007-06-29 259 off e-goldchange.2007-06-29 258 off The [five RIRs] are: - [AFRINIC] - [APNIC] - [ARIN] - [LACNIC] - [RIPE_NCC] AS Numbers can be obtained from the registry in your region. A., BR AS10689 FVI-CHI - Fox Valley Internet, Inc., US AS10690 NETSCOUT - NETSCOUT SYSTEMS INC., US AS10691 Col Inter Net, CO AS10692 DLS-LITH - DLS Internet Services, Inc, US AS10693 VSPN-ASN - First Coast On Line Inc., US AS10694 MONST-2AS - Monster Worldwide, Inc., US AS10695 WAL-MART - Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., US AS10696 MICROPATENT - Micro Patent, US AS10697 Interlink S. L., AR AS10698 WR-TECH - Wood River Technologies, US AS10699 TELSOFT-AS - Tel Soft Consultants, Inc., US AS10700 TECINFO - TECINFO, Inc., US AS10701 TNSC - Fiber Plus, Inc, US AS10702 INL-AS - Idaho National Laboratory, US AS10703 PENTICS - Quadrunner Communications, US AS10704 Microlink Telecom (LNCC), BR AS10705 NU01-WS-NC - Net Unlimited Inc., US AS10706 Grupo Empresarial Mexicano en Telecomunicaciones, S. d/b/a Verizon Business, US AS10720 VRIS-10719-10720 - MCI Communications Services, Inc.

Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien, AT AS1117 BOKU Universitaet fuer Bodenkultur Wien, AT AS1118 ASN-Graz, AT AS1119 ACOnet Testing AS, AT AS1120 ACONET_SERVICES ACOnet Services @ Vienna Internet e Xchange, AT AS1121 VIX-RS VIX Route Server, AT AS1122 ACONET-AS for TNC17, AT AS1123 Technikum Vorarlberg, AT AS1124 UVA-NL Universiteit van Amsterdam, NL AS1125 SURFnet Test Network, NL AS1126 VANCIS Vancis Advanced ICT Services, NL AS1127 SURFnet Multicast Test ASN, NL AS1128 TUDELFT-NL DTO TUDELFT, The Netherlands - AS, NL AS1129 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV, NL AS1130 SURFnet VPN TEST ASN, NL AS1131 SURFNET-AS SURFnet BV, NL AS1132 METEOGROUP-AS Meteo Group Nederland B. A., AR AS11009 CARLOWUNIV - Carlow University, US AS11010 INVERO - Invero S. COM, Inc., US AS11049 DYN - Oracle Corporation, US AS11050 KENT-STATE - Kent State University, US AS11051 CYBERVERSE - Evocative, Inc., US AS11052 IHC-NET - Intermountain Health Care, US AS11053 AS11054 LIVEPERSON - Live Person, Inc., US AS11055 MIDCONTINENT-COMMUNICATIONS - Midcontinent Communications, US AS11056 BERGERMONTAGUE - Berger & Montague, P. Walter Thompson, US AS11058 CABASE Camara Arg de Base de Datos y Serv en Linea, AR AS11059 KANEVA-NETWORK - Kaneva, Inc., US AS11060 TWC-11060-NA - Charter Communications Inc, US AS11061 HUGHES-EC - Antelecom, Inc., US AS11062 MTCO-COMMUNICATIONS - MTCO Communications, US AS11063 Microstar S. 2007-06-27 209 on 2007-06-27 208 off 207 off roboxchanges.roboxonline.2007-06-27 206 on 2007-06-27 203 off 202 off smartex.i82007-06-27 201 on 2007-06-27 194 off 193 on 192 off 191 off 2007-06-27 190 on . 2007-06-25 182 off Exchange Service/ 2007-06-25 181 on Exchange Service/ .

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