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Dating pro 2016 01

There's no SD card slot, fine, no traditional USB ports either, okay.

What you do have, though, is a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack (take that i Phone 7 owners) and a couple of Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports. All Touch Bar-incorporating Pros will have four of the multipurpose connections, and we're struggling to see why this entry-level offering couldn't possess the same array of ports.

Without the Touch Bar the traditional function keys remain too.

Pair this with a Force Touch trackpad that's grown 50% over past models and you've got a collection of input options that will have you breezing through whatever you're working on. The soft touch finish on the keyboard means it does quickly transform into a slightly grubby-looking mess of greasy fingerprints.

No, it might not be quite as exciting, but the entry-level model is now arguably Apple's most compelling laptop.

It's a machine that's answered all the issues you might have had with past Pros while one-upping its siblings.

And if you're after a laptop with plenty of oompah, this has got it.

There's a 2.0GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor that can be Turbo Boosted to 3.1GHz, and this sits alongside 8GB of RAM and an Intel Iris 540 graphics chip that's faster than past models. Well, although we need more time with the device before passing final judgement, during our first day with the machine, everything we've thrown its way has been batted away with consummate ease.

No, it's not quite as tantalisingly tiny as the 12-inch Mac Book, but its smooth, curvaceous, brushed-metal finish is effortlessly cool (especially in the new Space Grey colour scheme), and it's a million miles from the Pros of the past.

A refinement on the Mac Book-introduced butterfly-hinged keyboard, it's a joy to use.

The mechanical feedback of each keystroke gives a sense of reassurance and fluidity.

There's still more grunt under the hood than you're ever likely to need, but now the machine is slimmer than the Air and more affordable than the Mac Book.

Sure, the Touch Bar would be nice, but with a £1,449 asking price, should this be the Mac that you're willing to splash out on? Related: 6 Mac Book Pro features that will make you want one The i Phone 7 might have missed out on a radical redesign, but there's no such worries here.

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Lining up 67% brighter and with a 67% higher contrast ratio than past models, this panel really pops.

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  1. i'm running rev 0802 right now.using our wiki i downloaded 900-ASUS-0906from here. ROM and thas was a bit confusing b/c it didn't say if that was because it was a model 701 or that it just needed to be named that no matter what. i did however, update the wiki with my findings [/sidenote]rebooting with usb stick inserted, hit A F2... ROM" it'll sit there for as long as i have the patience.