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His son, Henry Doulton, established the Lambeth and Burslem Studios to create unique art pottery.

Our world famous figures, ornaments and fine china take shape before your eyes as you are guided through every facet of our centuries old creative art.

By the 1960s, the rule that multiple registration marks must appear on the toby jugs was reconsidered. Some Royal Doulton toby jugs command thousands of dollars from collectors. Do you have no idea of where or how to start the process?

Get an online appraisal of your Royal Doulton toby jug from Dr.

We also feature an extensive collection of Royal Doulton character jugs and toby jugs which have become very collectible since the 1930s.

The jug was probably named and modelled after ‘Sir Toby Philpot’ a legendary 18th century drinker, who also made an appearance in Francis Fawkes song ‘The Brown Jug’.

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The Royal Doulton lion and crown trademark is used on toby jugs.