Dating schweiz post new topic Cam chat 40 years old

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Dating schweiz post new topic

Any one had any experience of the above named website?

You don't pay a monthly fee, but have to buy a bundle of credits which one is used for each message you send. I have been on the site and chatted with three women, a 4th to use up my last credit in process. As soon as you insist on using your email address they go cold.

To me using a site to find a travel companion is the same sort of thing that I would not do!

It is hard enough to travel with a good friend or a relative you know well than to try to travel with a total stranger. I'm not sure that this forum can really help you about websites for travel buddies, as most posters here are solo travellers, sharing their knowledge and experience of travelling on their own.

Biggest scam/con artists out there, based in Netherlands, only after your money, contacts they send don't even exist, messages come through 1 hr time difference to uk, pigeon English messages which don't seem consistent, you'll never ever meet these fictions contacts yet alone F--K one of them!!!!

total con if you do a reverse image search you can find most of the photos on the net. I did join again and put up a profile that nobody in there right mind would go near and yet they thought I was nice.

I am more annoyed with myself as you should not go on the net after a drink.

I also think they do socials to get to know the person/people you are intending to travel with. The great thing about going online for your search is that you can find people who live anywhere in the world, and have the same destinations as you.

Just use a little common sense while on your search and everything should fine, you are not looking for your next spouse anyway :) You can try the following site: Be sure to get know the persons well by exchanging private messages, reading their trips, etc.

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Always very cynical of many of these dating sites, as from past experience I've found a lot of them scams I contacted three "ladies" this morning to test out this feeling of being conned. When I looked at the time the messages were timed at 1 hour before I sent my messages. I have a distinct feeling all the good looking, and some less so, women are employed, and their only purpose is to get mugs like us to buy credits and chat. Besides the message time differences noted above, have a look at their pen name and another name in their bio.

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