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I still protect this one gem as if my life was hanging in the balance.

This has to stand as a testament to a prudent and cautious use of an email account.

Perhaps they simply collected the email address from less legitimate sources. Then, they put that email address into a database and assigned it a number. No matter how you go to that URL, the mere fact that you've gone to it tells them that the email address associated with 182934 got to a real live person.

In fact, they might even assume that the act of going to that URL is confirmation that you want to join their service. In particular, don't copy/paste that URL into a browser and go to it. The fact that the URL was accessed - even once and regardless of how - caused the problem.

It's the link that's the problem and the fact that you went to it at all.All that they need to do is look up the email address associated with that number and start spamming you. OK, so you clicked on that URL or activated it in some other way. Well, my guess is "unsubscribing", even if offered, isn't going to be of any help.Any so-called service that would subscribe you on a single click in an email that you never asked for isn't likely to be particularly well behaved when you ask to leave. When the website came up, I realized it was a con and closed the browser down. There was a message saying that a friend of mine (his name was included in the message) wanted to share photos with me. I right-clicked and copied the URL, closed down my Outlook, and opened my browser and pasted the URL into the address bar.

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" He explains the construction of a web address (link).