Dating someone autistic

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Dating someone autistic

Dropping the A bomb Teens with autism meet people the same way everyone else does: at school, through friends, online.It’s not like the autism world is a little clique where autistic people only date each other.“His view of autism was completely different to the reality of it.”The stereotype that everyone with autism is the same is a huge frustration.“Not everyone is non-verbal, rocks back-and-forth, or screams when they get overwhelmed,” says Linda Shuler-Kagelaris, who is 22.

Autism is a lifelong condition that affects how people communicate with others and interact with the world around them. Some are able to learn, live and work independently, while others may have learning differences or health conditions that require extra support.

“At that point, he was very much aware of my difficulties socializing and communicating.

When we first met, my behavior was very awkward and obsessive.” Because they were already close, she wasn’t nervous to tell him about her autism — and he was super supportive.

How dating is different Since being on the spectrum makes it harder to read peoples’ facial cues, body language, and subtext, communication can be tricky.“Often, I assume I’ve done something wrong and work myself up over it,” Hannah says.

“My boyfriend is patient and knows not to react to it negatively.

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Between decoding texts, figuring out if the person you’re into really likes you back or is just a flirt, and if the date is going to end with a kiss or an awkward hug — the subtleties are endless.