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For example, we could look at similarities in names, employment history, appearance, etc.The larger you cast the search, the more possible bases there are for finding coincidences.So if you had some good estimate of P(Same year), you can calculate the overall probability reasonably well.I'd guess that P(same year) is roughly of the order of 0.1 to 0.2, but that's just a guess.But P(same day) should be roughly independent of whether you were born in the same year.So it will be $\approx$ P(Same year) $\times$ P(Same day).That's my ex's birthday, and he didn't seem too upset about having it that day.

I know two people who were born on Christmas and they said they were okay with it since they get a lot of presents, but for me, it'd suck.

If you add in year, it's probably something like 1 in 3000 or 4000 (most people have relationships with people relatively close in age). That is, if you had asked, before meeting your current boyfriend "What are the odds that the next man I have a relationship with will be born on same day and year? However, post hoc (that is, while in the relationship) it's trickier because you would have noticed a lot of coincidences too: My boyfriend was born the day before me!

My boyfriend's mother has the same name as my mother! The odds of "some weird connection with my boyfriend" are impossible to calculate.

As has been noted, both the shared year and shared birthday probabilities could be further refined based on additional information.

When it comes to two people, there are many potential sources of coincidences. Within the domain of date of births, you could imagine many possible similarities: same month; same day of month; same star sign; same birthday, different year; some similarity in the numbers such as 2nd of May and 5th of February; dates are some round number apart (e.g., 8th of May 18th of May); dates are only only some small number apart (e.g., 8th and 9th of May).

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From experience I'd guess around 20% or so, no way to seriously calculate that, but no matter what it exactly is, just want to be clear having a special weird connection means nothing (though it is fun).

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