Dating violen in asia

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Dating violen in asia

We welcome everybody to join no matter what your nationality or ethnicity.At we believe that everybody can have the same opportunity to find friendship and love regardless of where you live in the world.The issues covered included bullying and harassment of women workers, sexual assault and rape, honor killings, and highly-publicized and criticized incidents like a Moroccan TV show that gave women make-up tips to cover signs of domestic violence.One article criticized how women are given tips regarding the kinds of clothes they should wear for their own safety.It keeps happening because women are still looked at as a burden and property that needs to be taken care of, the ownership of which is transferred from father to husband.

Apart from that, it also pointed out that between 5,000 and 12,000 girls and women aged 10 to 20 are trafficked every year.These were the news articles that made it into the world media because of the debate and concern they produced among an international audience.We do not have to look far to see the discrimination and violence that women encounter in their everyday lives.As the social structures in these countries are in a process of changing, the expectations and demands from the groom’s family seem to be increasing.Many times, a woman from a poor family suffers such violence because her parents cannot fulfill all the demands made by the groom or his family.

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Many women have reported crimes that previously used to go unreported, fearful to damage family prestige and honor, when questions were raised about the women and their character rather than the problems and suffering they faced.