Dating violence among emancipating foster youth

Posted by / 05-Jan-2020 22:36

It is quite notable that so many more foster youth than their counterparts not in care describe their pregnancies and childbirths as unwanted.This suggests that youth in foster care may be experiencing barriers to reproductive health and pregnancy prevention care and education that youth not in care do not face.Research suggests that reproductive coercion is an acute problem for adolescents experiencing relationship abuse.

Two years later, the number of pregnant foster youth increased, as did the gap in pregnancy rates between those in foster care and the general population.

However, data show that unwanted pregnancies outnumber wanted pregnancies among foster youth and unwanted births far outnumber wanted births.

The Midwest Evaluation revealed that more than two-thirds of the foster youth who had been pregnant described their pregnancies as “unwanted,” compared with just over half of their pregnant peers.

Of the adolescent males included in the Midwest Evaluation, half of the boys had gotten a partner pregnant, compared with only 19 percent of their peers not in foster care.

Though limited in geographic scope, the Midwest Evaluation is generally credited with documenting for the first time the earlier start to sexual activity and the higher rates of teen pregnancy among youth in foster care.

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This article begins the series by outlining the scope of the problem and discussing some of the factors that may lead to higher unwanted pregnancy rates among foster youth. public almost $11 billion per year; most of these costs resulted from the negative consequences that often follow teen pregnancy, such as increased costs for health care, foster care and incarceration, as well as lost tax revenue resulting from the lower rates of employment of teen parents.