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Smiling lets people see that you’re a fun, friendly guy who enjoys his life.

Plus, when a woman sees you smiling it can get her smiling, too.

If a girl isn’t responsive – or starts treating you poorly – then you want to respond with negative body language.

Turn your body away from her and show her that she’s losing you. They continue to show her positive body language regardless of how the girl reacts to them.

On some level you probably know that body language matters when meeting and attracting women.

Take slightly longer strides as you walk and when you move, do so with purpose and intent.As a result she’ll be more likely to respond positively to you.Eye contact An article on body language basics wouldn’t be complete without a brief mention of eye contact.Let the muscles around your eyes pull your mouth back into a smile.Allowing the smile to come from the muscles around the eyes is what makes the difference between a fake smile and a genuine smile.

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Many guys mess up here, and unconsciously use their body language to show too much interest at the wrong times.