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It's a minor detail really, but useful to know what angle 'she' is using.

You are right to be VERY cautious about dating sites in general and myspace in particular. I only visit occasionally to see what my kids are getting up to (nothing, I'm glad to say) but it's opened my eyes - and not in a good way voice.

Linda has web pages on both myspace, datingforrichpeople and mylot. On the rich people dating site, she listed herself (with same photos) as a Hispanic. It's just too coincidental that I would find both of them listed on the same dating site, and both of them are listed as being from Auburn, WA.

Linda was able to think on her feet, although rather slowly. Next day, the phone can't be fixed and she can't afford one.

One has to be exceptionally careful about romance scammers on-line.

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All of this is imbecillic in hindsight, but these people do, in fact, prey upon the many lonely men (and women) out there who now find themselves cut off from community when Main Street was paved over into a shopping mall.

There are no central meeting places, town centres like they still have in Europe, where people can go to meet new people without having to spend a cover charge. Maybe a telephone number to god-knows-where other than Auburn would have botched her play.

She got a degree here and now works for an NGO in the Seattle, WA area.

Most of this info is referenced on her myspace page at: I believe her mentor was "Jeanette," also from Auburn, WA. "Linda" told me that her roommate moved out and took the webcam and telephone with her.


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  1. Because I didn’t really know Madrid particularly well, I ended up going on a lot of dates (primarily from Tinder, some from night game after getting numbers but no sex) that led nowhere, both literally and sexually.