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Datinghotwife com

"Why don't you go play some X-Box so you don't have to listen to know how loud I moan when I'm excited..." she says and leans over to give me a peck on the forehead before she turns to go upstairs As I hear her footsteps on the floor upstairs moving towards our bedroom, I get up and follow...She then reaches to his waist and slowly pulls his pants down over his hips while staring into his eyes.Her head lifted and tilted back down as she took him gently in her mouth.As I climb the stairs I find her blouse lying on the first landing and a black lace pushup bra on the top landing that I've never seen before.I quietly walk towards my bedroom door and find it slightly ajar with a small gap allowing me to peek inside where I see my topless wife straddling her new friend She is kissing him deeply while he madly groped her ass, sliding her skirt towards her waist, exposing her panties.

As she came down the stairs we were both awestruck. I hadn't seen her look this hot since her and I were dating.

" "I have a date this Friday." With a raise of my eyebrows, "Oh really." I said.

"Yeah, my little boyfriend finally asked me out." "So are you going to go?

She had noticed that at our local grocery store there was a particular grocery bagger that she has flirted back and forth with her on several occasions while loading her bags into her SUV.

After an in-depth discussion with my wife on the matter, on her next trip the store I went with her to witness the flirting for myself.

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" "Yeah, I was thinking about it; are you still ok with this? "Yeah, I think I am, I hope he shows you a nice time." So, the very next day she went shopping for a new outfit to wear on her date that she absolutely refused to show me.

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