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Map generated using Arc GIS 10 and Cordel Draw 12 ( Location of the trenches (yellow star) and lake (red star) with respect to the Polochic fault trace (black solid lines).Orange: 2009 CE Los Chorros avalanche scar, deposits, and debris flow corridor.The distribution of earthquake-induced damages in Classic Maya cities however suggests that another major earthquake occurred around 830 CE on the Motagua fault (Fig. The spatial spread of reported earthquake-related destructions after the Spanish colonization does not evidence any other major earthquake on the Motagua fault; however the reports suggest the possibility of three major earthquakes in 1538, 1785, and 1816 CE on the Polochic fault.

However, observations conducted at the site before the opening of the trenches failed to detect any topographic discontinuity C dating indicates that sedimentation has been fairly uniform over the past 5–7 centuries throughout the floodplain, at a rate of 2–4 mm/y (Additional information, Table S1-2).(B) Close up map of Lake Chichój with coring sites (dotted circles).Core used for the composite section in red, cores in yellow not used in this study but described in Fig. Map generated using Arc GIS 10 (https:// and Corel Draw 12 (On-fault trenches provide direct evidence for fault displacement, but generally do not allow the distinction between seismic and aseismic slip.In paleoseismological studies ground disruptions are almost invariably attributed to seismic slip are commonly measured on many faults today.

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