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Datingnoha ru

Daichi confesses in Spring if you watch him play basketball. If you date a character and later on begin to date someone else, the pervious love interest will become an ex-boyfriend.You can also choose to break up with a boyfriend at any time by selecting the option when they are present. The goal of a dating sim is to raise your Relationship with characters and after falling in love, to have a happy ending with them.Raising your Relationship can be done by talking to them, giving them gifts and going on dates.

Note that if you start dating someone else, your other relationship will end.

is a japanese BL (Boys' Love) visual novel developed by Parade and released on June 28, 2013.

It was later officially released by Manga Gamer in English on February 27, 2015. A young man is hit by a car because he has tried to save a bloke and loses consciousness.

Despite being slightly hurt, unfortunately our protagonists has lost his memory, so he is taken in by the man he saved, Kouichi Inui, who happens to be a bar owner. While the game does still employ some traditional text-based choices, at certain critical points in the game, the NTY!!!

Later, the main character is given a job by Kouichi and a name (Haru) by his co-workers. button will appear in the upper left-hand corner of the game screen. button functions the same way as a two-option choice might, but the big difference is that you have to intuit what question is being posed from the situation.

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, Euphoria, and many more) and this is her first foray into BL, her work does not disappoint! 's art takes some more cues from eroge art than your typical BL game, providing a rather unique perspective.