Datingscamers files wordpress com

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Datingscamers files wordpress com

With the help of some ex members of the Royal Military Police some more digging was done.

It was identified that each of the five email addresses linked to ’Tinklesplash’ have at some time been used to post messages to WMHC from IP address .220, this IP address belongs to virgin Media and is issued within the Southampton area.

After we had exposed Alan Willcox from Southampton and poster called John started posting on the blog protesting for Willcox and playing the disability card.

As much as we sympathise with his disability it was not an excuse to walt in the way he was doing.

Knowing Tinklesplash watched our page we posted a link to a new walter mitty hunters page called walter mittys exposed, On this page we set a simple trap and asked a member to post a picture of his flat. How did Tinklesplash know who we were on about or where he lived.

Nothing else, no leads or even a hint as to who lived there. Then flapping diversions taken from the book Cunning plans by Mr Sod off Baldric claiming to be from Blackpool.

As it can be noted from the above image, ‘Alan Wilcox’ has left a review.

To be clear Virgin Media and Sky are both residential providers and there is no way these IP addresses are used by VPN providers, VPN providers tend to have servers in data centres as they would not be allowed to use residential ISPs and the bandwidth would not be sufficient.We then looked at the main poster who claimed the following Stephen Brown of Blackpool who we exposed selling for the Veterans Journey Despite bubbling Brown to us, both Pele Duncan and Wayne Kirtley both liked their mates scam page. People have already start to question them and like Kirtley and his gang the same line is given Again like The Veterans Journey the magazine is most probably plagiarism of someone’s work And wrists bands again, what a shock.Kirtley yet again bubbles known Charity scammer Michael Figg.The WMHCHQ is a big club and there have been several other like minded pages who try to emulate what we do, the admin of these pages have allowed themselves to be easily identified and thus found themselves accused of being the admin of the WMHCHQ with their faces plastered all over internetshire. Only the Pope, some bloke called Colin, Boris Johnson and Prince Phillip know. At first we ignored the ramblings of the page for what it was.deranged babble created by nothing more then an outraged Wankspangle, angry for being exposed and wanting some kind of control of the situation and a feeling of self importance, after all we took away his fake military identity which he used to gain admiration from the general public.

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