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David hoskinson dating

The censorship resistance of the EOS platform has yet to be rigorously tested, and EOS has faced significant scrutiny since their mainnet launch for censoring transactions and blacklisting certain addresses for not adhering to the rules of their ecosystem.

“With Cardano we are doing innovation, and that moves the tradeoff profile [between centralization, security, and speed].

As the CEO of IOHK, Hoskinson admits that culture is the key to organizations.

SEC needs to go after the most egregious offenders to allow the market to self-regulate.

The DAO was treated the same way as every other smart contract.

In poker, do we really care about putting every step of that game onto the chain?

Poker is a fair game and there is conservation of value, but you don’t care about every hand you’ve ever played dating back 7 years with time stamping and immutability – this is too high of a burden [for a blockchain].

Inventors of TCCIP had no idea about wifi or 4G or other layers we have today, but their protocol is the bedrock for these technologies because of the design.

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There is a trilemma at play – each blockchain is balancing the triangle of speed, decentralization, and security where you can only pick two with current technology.