Deal with intimidating

Posted by / 18-Jul-2020 14:16

Deal with intimidating

It is often a defense mechanism which helps them avoid having to form closer relationships.This way they feel safe from rejection and if people don’t warm to them they feel okay about it as they have controlled that situation by being intimidating.Its like I can logically know this, but every time I end up so angry that Im shaking and almost crying.This happened at work the other day where a guy was trying to make me look small in front of another female coworker. I wasnt in a position to say anything because he is the boss of her department so all I could do is sit there and shake and give glances.Assholes usually just like to tear people down and putting other people up is usually how you succeed in social circles.The easy answer would be to just avoid those people.But I'm going to recommend the exact opposite.

People would say "see a therapist" but in my experience therapists aren't usually able to help about much that I don't already try and do.

I can logically know he is a scum bag, but still feel totally powerless and dysphoria.

Excuse yourself from the conversation as soon as it starts to turn sour.

Of course he laughed at me because he is better than me.

I have no idea how to just let stuff like that go in the moment.

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