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Their heroics, which are complicated by the mechanics of time travel, mess with the already confusing Marvel timeline: As the Avengers change the past, new, parallel universes branch off, creating new spinoff possibilities for once-dead characters.And, of course, their mission involves some sacrifice — real sacrifice.Vision: It seems like the actual deaths — not dustings — that occurred in .Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) suggests that Vision is permanently dead at the end of the film when she and Hawkeye reminisce over the loss of Vision and Black Widow, respectively.However, Red Skull told Hawkeye that Black Widow’s death is permanent.Later, the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) says that he tried to wish Black Widow back into existence when he held the Infinity Stones, but that it wasn’t possible because, as Red Skull confirmed, the magic of the Soul Stone requires a permanent sacrifice.Hulk uses them to bring back everyone who disappeared half a decade prior just as Thanos jumps forward in time himself and attacks Avengers headquarters.Luckily, all of their dusted compatriots have returned and the group defeats Thanos and his minions.

They figure out how to travel back through time and collect the Infinity Stones for themselves.Several of the original Avengers die in their mission to bring back their disappeared fellow heroes. He uses all the Infinity Stones to wish Thanos (Josh Brolin) and his army out of existence, but exerts so much strength that he dies in the process.The movie ends with Tony Stark’s funeral, and Captain America (Chris Evans) returns all the Infinity Stones to the places in the timeline where the Avengers stole them from.The 2014 Gamora helps to stop Thanos and his minions.It’s unclear, however, if she survives the encounter.

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Like other characters who were murdered by Thanos, he does not reappear when Hulk uses the Infinity Stones to bring back those who disappeared.

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