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Define intimidating work environment

Other behaviors must be repeated over and over again before they become harassment.

Whether a particular behavior is defined as sexual harassment depends largely on whether the behavior is unwelcome to the target, along with the circumstances surrounding those evens.

It is important to understand that the intent of a persons behavior, whether the behavior is face-to-face or behind another employees back may be irrelevant in determining whether or not a behavior is sexual harassment.

What matters is the impact of the behavior on the work environment.

At the national level, the United Sates was one of the first countries to define sexual harassment, as a prohibited form of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, a federal law.

The Canadian Human Rights Act does not precisely define sexual harassment, but the Canadian Labor Code defines it explicitly as any conduct, comment, gesture or contact of a sexual nature that (a) is likely to cause offence or humiliation to any employee; and (b) that might, on reasonable grounds, be perceived by that employee as placing a condition of a sexual nature on employment or on a opportunity for training or promotion.

In establishing a sexual harassment claim, the fact that the victim made pervious complaints about the same conduct is evidence that the conduct was, in fact, unwelcome.

Unlike other international definitions of sexual harassment, the European Commission also distinguishes three types of harassment: physical, verbal, and nonverbal sexual harassment and states that there is a range of unacceptable behavior: Conduct is considered sexual harassment if it is (1) unwanted, improper or offensive; (2) if the victims refusal or acceptance of the behavior influences decisions concerning her employment or (3) the conduct creates an intimidating, hostile or humiliating working environment for the recipient.In Canada, for example, laws that address sexual harassment do not require the victim to confront the alleged harasser in order to establish that the behavior was unwelcome.Additionally, it is not necessary for the victim of sexual harassment to expressly object to the conduct if a reasonable person would understand the behavior to be offensive and sexual in content.Particularly if an employee is in a relatively weak and vulnerable position, she may appear to acquiesce.Because the employee has appeared to acquiesce, however, this does not mean that the conduct was consensual or that sexual harassment has not occurred.

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an offensive joke does not refer to sex, but the joke is played to embarrass the person because she is a woman).

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