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The document also requests comments on several income tax issues and on rules relating to the election to treat contributions to a Qualified Tuition Program (QTP) as being made over a 5-year period.

All published rulings apply retroactively unless otherwise indicated.

A couple of key points in regards to changing the base unit of measure are: Other documentation may also need to be “cleaned up” before the base unit of measure can be changed. Open Sales Order, Deliveries, Transfer Orders, etc.) If documents exist that need “cleaned up” they will be displayed in the error log when you try to change the base unit of measure via transaction MM02.

When stock exists the only time to make the base unit of measure change is at period end.

This may go against what an “Expert” has told you and truth is there does come a point when the base unit of measure is almost impossible to change.

But this truly depends on how much the material is used in SAP.

While my goal is that anyone could use the following information to successfully change the base unit of measure on the material master it is not a step by step instruction manual and will require a good overall understanding of SAP.

Also when i checke the asset master record ,in chnage documents, change is recorded on 01/05/09 for the ordinary depr change for 2008 above - changed from 998.25 to 956.66 (-planned depreciation) and accum depre change for book depr 01 and as well see that the assets shut down is ticked -01/05/09. should we run repeat run without test mode or what does this means. Now we had closed fi closing for year 2008 as well.

does this mean something ..the figures had changed and what needs to be done now ? Can any one please suggest how to correct the errors.

Unfortunately the more a material is used the tougher it is to change the base unit of measure.

More to the point the more open documents that have been created for a material, in SAP, the tougher it is to change the base unit of measure.

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Keeping with the idea that it would be simpler to Blog about issues/questions that come up in my day-to-day consulting life I decided to go with the topic of “Changing a Material’s Base Unit of Measure” this time.

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