Depredating feral hogs law mandating ethanol use

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Depredating feral hogs

Maybe spread some more dry koolaid out around you hunting area.

After contacting state legislators, go the next step and contact the bills' author, Frank Bigelow, and tell him you are opposed to this bill. They love wildlife visiting their properties so there will be safe havens for them here and there. Always thought it was kinda strange the way Cali treated feral hogs as "game animals" when they wiped out goats and deer from some of the channel islands for being "non-native" I think it's a good thing.

A bit of a backstory is that myself and two friends, one of which is 1/3rd owner of 140acres of private prime land, are heading down to Texas from out of state to spend a couple weeks relaxing in the middle of nowhere.

Our plan is to fish, off road, target shoot, late night bonfires and brewskies :).

Basically, we will be there without the owner the majority of the two weeks, he is coming down the first weekend. If you are on private land, with the owner's permission, you can hunt them anytime, any way, with any gun, and any magazine.

From what I've heard there isn't much or any at all police presence or any wildlife parks near by, but if a agent does come by, knowing the law is important, so your insight would be much appreciated. Now obviously if you get stupid with it, the warden will too. Baiting in Texas is also perfectly legal, and you can spotlight for pigs as well.

Also is there magazine limits, as an AR would be the primary firearm?

Another thing we were told is that there is a huge rise in water moccasins in the ponds and owner has been trying to eradicate them, what are the rules on this?

Im not sure about fishing, since it's private property probably not.

If all is well I will definitely put corn on the road running through the property, it is in an excellent location, thanks for that tip.

Edit: I plan on doing a big alblum full of outdoor pictures, will upload for sure.

His last visit, he was welcomed to 12-15 medium and large hogs in the backyard.

The cows will be moved when we arrive, so no issues on that.

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Like I always say, “ California is a greedy state “ and have been taking advantage of hunters for years knowing their desire to hunt wild pigs in that state it’s easy money for tags especially cali is one of the tuffest places to hunt wild pigs most land is private and public land to hunt is few and far and pounded. However, any landowner that plans to trap or snare hogs should have a valid Texas hunting license, since these activities could affect other wildlife species. I would love to see hogs treated here as they are in Texas. They are a pest that just happens to be yummy on the BBQ.