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Process of recording took only three weeks, because they were using already created material.They did the whole thing in the formation of four-persons.At the very beginning, band consisted of two guitarist.

Recording of ”All We Know Is Falling” After being signed to recording label, Paramore traveled back to Orlando, Florida (they were there for the first time at ”Purple Door” festival), where they started to record their debut studio album. Kinda inspired by it, band’s members wrote the song ”All We Know” and decided to title album ”All We Know Is Falling”.

After the release of debut album, Paramore went on short tours through UK and US. After his departure, Josh Farro decided to record all guitar leading parts of the album’s songs himself.

Taylor York, who has been a musician-buddy of Farro brothers since pre-Paramore times, was chosen to replace Lamb.

In, conclusion, my friends, I'm telling you that I firmly believe Josh Farro was/is still a part of Varoom Whoa Inc., and that he did not expose Hayley owning this company or the company's practices because he did not want to compromise his position and earnings in the company.

An American rock band Paramore was formed in Franklin, Tennessee in 2004. In the same year, Hayley Williams joined, trying her hand at singing in many bands.

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