Do nicki minaj and nas dating

Posted by / 16-Mar-2020 16:31

Do nicki minaj and nas dating

As an adult, Minaj stated that her father had entered rehab and was actively changing his life.

Nicki’s brother Jelani Maraj was charged with abusing his step-daughter.

Then on Thursday, Nas posted a photo of himself with Minaj on Instagram with the caption, "Virgo Season With my Real One From Queens! Nas and John Seymour have recently just opened their second restaurant Sweet Chick in LA. Nicki has been to both spots and always supportive of him and his new ventures."But even though Minaj is supportive of Nas, it sounds like it's just a friendly relationship right now."They share a really close friendship and always has each other's back," the source tells us.

Perhaps Netflix’s , which Nas is an executive producer of, has been submitted for an Emmy nomination.

The way Nas is pictured comfortably, nuzzled up next to Nicki Minaj during dinner at the New York location of his Sweet Chick restaurant on Tuesday (May 9), fuels speculation that the two are dating.

It also appears that the rumored couple are rocking identical medallions around their necks.

Nas’ dating life has mostly been low-key since divorcing Kelis in 2010.

On the flip side, Nicki’s love life has been the topic of headline news since her two-year relationship with Meek Mill ended a few months ago.

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