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Two days before he died, one of my dearest friends from undergrad succumbed to the brain cancer he’d been battling since our junior year.

Worst double booking of my life, I assure you of that.

These ‘grottes’ were where the townsfolk would shelter in times of war.

We’ll see about my income, though, them bitches get real pricey. Also, I’m currently the only one working in my shop right now.

Biff is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum as me so it’d be super fun for us to go together.

And somehow I think her boyfriend would accompany us on this adventure.

I couldn’t be with Jordan’s family and our friends since I had to be with my own family to say goodbye to Granddad.

Just a couple days later, I packed up my life again and now I’m back in New England for my summer job.

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Domme originated as a fortified stronghold which was established in the thirteenth century.